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Solventless Laminating

Solventless Laminating & Slitting Experts

Solventless Laminating

Modern lamination requirements can be extremely diverse and challenging for flexible packaging needs. As a leading supplier of laminated structures, including solventless laminating, Kendall has positioned itself to meet these challenges. With years of laminating experience utilizing solvent-based and solventless adhesives, our packaging engineers have the right solution for the packaging of your product.

Through in-depth conversations, customer visits, and equipment trials, Kendall is committed to developing solventless lamination with the desired physical properties that will perform flawlessly on your equipment. Additional properties can be built into Kendall’s laminated structures to enhance the package, such as easy opening features, including straight line tear and peelable sealant technology.


Kendall experts will build your optimal structure with the following consideration in mind:
  • Aesthetics
  • Moisture Barrier
  • Gas Barrier
  • Light Barrier
  • Processability
  • Value


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