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Preformed Pouches

We stay ahead of industry trends by providing versatile packaging solutions with finishing features that attract consumers the most. Kendall’s peformed pouches and stand-up bags are designed to make your product stand out (and up).

Preformed Pouches

Preformed pouches and stand-up bags continue to grow in popularity, as they offer increased versatility and cost-effective alternatives to otherwise rigid containers. Kendall has the capability to develop pouches and stand-up bags that meet a consumer’s demand for conveniently packaged products that support an on-the-go lifestyle.

A preformed pouch is a flexible package that stands upright on a shelf by the use of a bottom gusset or flat bottom and sealed sides. Kendall Packaging makes it easy to find the right pouch or bag by offering a variety of styles and sizes for your product. Pouches and bags are typically finished with features for ease and long-lasting freshness, including tear notches and laser scoring for easy access as well as reclosable and press zippers for opening and closing.

Pouches that are preformed can also be designed for single serve products or as multi-portion packages. Additionally, custom packaging options are available for gloss and patterned matte finishes. Our packaging products are of the highest quality to protect your product and overall brand.


Choosing a preformed pouch or stand-up bag has many benefits including:
  • Maximum shelf impact for your product
  • Increasing your brand recognition
  • Bulk shelf storage
  • Offers longer-lasting shelf life
  • Easily opened, closed, and stored
  • Prevents contamination and spills
  • Consumer-friendly and industry forward
  • Uses less plastic than a rigid container
  • Environmentally-friendly


Custom designed pouches are engineered with the following optimal features:
  • Barrier properties (oxygen, moisture, bacteria, light)
  • Abuse resistance (chemical, abrasion)
  • Strength (puncture, burst, tear)
  • Oganoleptics (off odors and tastes)
  • High impact graphics


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