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A glance into the flexible packaging industry by well-respected packaging resources.

Flexible Packaging Industry

The future of the flexible packaging industry is itself flexible. What flexible packaging? It’s able to be re-sealed, easy to store, easy to open, reusable, transparent, easy to carry, recyclable and eco-friendly, has a prolonged shelf life, comes in portions and single serve, and/or is microwavable. You decide!

What impact does innovative flexible packaging technology have on your brand and, ultimately, your sales? As a marketing and branding strategy, flexible packaging enhances product attributes, giving brands the opportunity to highlight the quality of the product inside and differentiate from the competition. According to the Flexible Packaging Transition Advantages Study conducted by the FPA, 80 percent of surveyed brand owners agree that packaging influences brand value. In addition to enhancing brand image, flexible packaging has the potential to reduce costs, differentiate your product on the shelf, better fit consumer lifestyle trends, extend shelf life, do a better job physically protecting the product, and have less impact on the environment.

Consumers prefer packaging that is easy to store, resealable, easy to open, easy to carry, and that extends product life, according to the FPA consumer survey conducted by Harris Poll. Many are willing to pay more for these tangible functional benefits.


The Flexible Packaging Transition Advantages Study
Top 5 reasons brand owners increased use of flexible packaging over the past 5 years…
Reduced production cost: 49%
Shipping/transportation efficiencies: 45%
Consumer convenience: 45%
Ability to fit consumer lifestyle trends: 39%
Reduced environmental impact: 37%
Brand owners who switched to flexible packaging in the last 5 years experienced…
Lowered costs of production: 57%
Supply chain efficiencies/lowered cost of transportation: 49%
Sales increase: 39%
Improved competitive positioning through consumer appeal: 37%
Ability to price a product at a premium: 16%
Top 5 products consumers prefer in flexible packaging instead of non-flexible…
Snacks/Salty Snacks: 61%
Cereal/Breakfast Products: 44%
Cheese/Dairy: 40%
Meat or Poultry/Seafood: 40%
Fresh Produce: 40%


  • 46% of consumers are willing to pay more for food stored in flexible packaging than for food stored in non-flexible packaging.
  • On average, Americans are willing to spend 10.3% more for food in flexible packaging.
  • Parents of children under 18 would be willing to pay 17% more.
  • Americans ages 18-34 would be willing to spend 17.2% more.
  • Americans ages 35-44 would be willing to spend 15.5% more.


*Sources –FPA Survey conducted by Harris Poll (^1); Packaging World survey of brand owners (respondents could choose more than one answer) (^2) 

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