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Laminated Metalized Film

Kendall differentiates laminated metalized product packaging from the competition by designing solutions with natural reflective surfaces that offer distinct functionality. We guarantee our flexible laminate and metalized materials will protect your packaged products for the long haul.

Laminated Metalized Film

Laminated metalized film materials create a durable layer of insulation to protect your product when packaged. For food packaging, aluminum foil is typically laminated with plastic films.

Using aluminum foil has its benefits, including its light weight, resistance to water, reflection of heat and UV, and recyclability. In contrast to aluminum foils, PET-met is a popular choice as a more cost effective and environmentally-friendly solution. PET-met films have advantages for preserving maximum freshness and flavor. Furthermore, these barrier film solutions have good scratch resistance properties to protect products from packaging lines and transport as well as maintaining a high-quality finish at the crease line.

Beneficial properties of metalized films for flexible packaging include low MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate), high oxygen and light barrier, and excellent organoleptic properties. This has proven desirable for the packaging of coffee, chocolate and confectionerysnacks, moist food/treats, and other products in a variety of industries.

Three-dimensional holographic films are also an option in high-end applications. Changing color and appearance in light reflections from holographic films many times surprises consumers and increases curiosity. Effects can be custom designed to meet your packaging objectives and promote your brand.

Kendall engineers can offer your product value-added finishing features with unique details which often entice consumers to make the purchase. We can provide laser-scoring and tear notches for easy access, reclosable and press zippers for long-lasting product freshness and on-the-go convenience, and gloss or patterned matte finish to promote a high-quality brand aesthetic.

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