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Consumers are demanding sustainability and Kendall is finding solutions for “green” packaging.


We take seriously our obligation to protect the environment as a packaging manufacturer. We look for ways to better develop, purchase, and manufacture green packaging products. We are committed to streamlining the way we do business in an effort to reduce Kendall’s impact on the planet.

To drive sustainability practices, Kendall is taking the following steps to become more environmentally conscious.


Green Packaging Product Design
  • Incorporating new and proven technologies that can reduce our reliance on oil-based products.
  • Replacing rigid packaging with flexible packaging solutions that significantly reduce the amount of packaging materials required.
  • Down-gauging flexible packaging structures without compromising performance and shelf life, while at the same time minimizing cost and waste.


Process Improvement
  • Significantly reducing emissions of greenhouse gases through the addition of new equipment and the sourcing of raw materials.
  • Growth in solventless adhesives to reduce the energy and minimize the solvents that are required to create products.
  • Developing new recycling programs within our production facilities.
  • Conducting research for new ways to meet requirements with a focus on sustainability and the environment.


Kendall 2014 Sustainability Report

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