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Forming & Non-Forming Film

Kendall offers clear solutions for forming film and non-forming film products. Our webs are designed for performance in fresh and frozen food applications, and provide customers with showcase ready packaging they can be proud of.

Forming & Non-Forming Film

Kendall produces forming film products with the run-to-run consistency necessary for optimum performance on your packaging lines. Our forming and non-forming web can be used for a variety of applications, including fresh and processed proteins, cheeses, ready meals, pet foods, baked goods, and pastas.

Our forming web materials deliver stronger seals, even when seal areas contain contaminates; and lower heat seal temperatures, for faster production speeds and temperature sensitive products. Product specifications are available in both barrier and breathable structures in order to provide you with the freshest and longest shelf life possible.


Forming Film

Each of our forming web solutions offer excellent formability, toughness, abrasion resistance, and compatibility to a variety of top filmsOur forming films are designed for applications that require:

  • Shallow or deep draw depths
  • Soft or hard products
  • Hot fill or cold product environments


Non-Forming Film

Generally comprised of a variety of materials, each non-forming web is engineered to perform flawlessly within your operating window. Non-forming films can be designed with desired barrier properties, strength, gloss, clarity, and seal performance in mind. We can offer your web product the following features including:

  • Peel seal characteristics or lock seals
  • Moisture and gas barrier properties
  • Strength, stiffness or flexibility
  • Ability to seal through contamination
  • Heat resistant outer layers for improved processability


Find more information on Protein and Cheese applications here.

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Forming Film & Packaging Design Solutions | Kendall Packaging
High Barrier Materials
  • Provides excellent O2 & MVTR barrier properties; uses EVOH
  • Typically used in fresh applications where barrier is critical to extend shelf life
Standard Barrier Materials
  • Provides good O2 & MVTR barrier properties
  • Typically used in frozen applications or when high barrier materials are not required
Breathable Materials
  • Provides breathablity to allow O2 transmission while maintaining good moisture barrier
  • Typically used in frozen applications for red meat (allows bloom), or for fresh produce & fish

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