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Cold Seal Adhesives

Kendall provides cold seal adhesives for a wide range of applications including granola and protein bars, confectionery products, medical product packaging, and more.

Cold Seal Adhesives

Kendall provides reliable cold seal adhesives for food packaging and medical packaging. Cold seal adhesives are primarily used to seal heat sensitive items and therefore are a popular choice for the packaging of items like chocolate and candy bars. Cold seal solutions are also used for a wide variety of additional applications such as granola or power bars, ice cream, gummy and fruit snacks, and medical products.

Cold seal or self seal adhesives main feature is that the adhesive solutions easily form together to create a strong bond under pressure, rather than by the use of heat and pressure. Self seals differentiate itself from pressure-sensitive adhesives as well in that cold seal applications will only seal to itself and not other surfaces. The strength of an adhesive bond can vary depending on the end application of a product.

Following a detailed conversation with Kendall’s experts, we will engineer a packaging solution with the appropriate coating weight and amount of pressure to meet your unique requirements. Our machine capabilities include patterned cold seal, patterned matte varnish, 100% soft touch matte varnish, solventless lamination, and solvent based dry bond lamination.


Advantages of cold seal applications include:

  • Optimal efficiency and higher processing speeds
  • Stronger seals and moisture resistance
  • Reliable freshness and longer shelf life
  • Easier unwind releases and minimal cling
  • Enhanced anti-blocking system
  • Cutting down on waste
  • Solutions for foaming, ghosting, and streaking issues
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