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Roll Stock Film

Kendall develops custom roll stock film materials utilizing the latest technology and polymer innovation. Our product line encompasses a complete range of materials for VFFS, HFFS, thermo-formed, and pouch applications.

Dynamic sealing technology delivers additional benefits including:

  • Ability to seal through contaminates
  • Wide heat seal window
  • Low seal initiation temperatures
  • Exceptional hot tack properties

Laminates continue to get thinner, tougher, and more visually appealing; while high impact graphics, metalization, gloss, and special coatings offer unique branding potential. Kendall sets its laminating capabilities apart from the competition with superior product performance properties on your equipment and overall package integrity. 

Retail and food service packaging design can also enhance products by incorporating easy open features such as straight tear or peelable seal options.

Contact us to find out if roll stock film is the best packaging solution for you.

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