Pet Food & Treats

Flexible packaging has become extremely popular in the pet food and treats industry. Stores today showcase many more pouches and bags constructed from flexible films in the pet food isles.

Flexible packaging has proven its advantages over other materials with its moisture barrier properties, puncture resistance, gas and odor barrier, strong hermetic seals, and grease resistance. Kendall's high barrier film products will protect your pet foods from oxygen, moisture, and infestation without imparting any off odors or tastes.

Kendall's block bottom stand-up pouches with a re-closable zipper and photo image reproduction capabilities are sure to catch attention and increase sales. Structures designed with linear tear characteristics are easy to open; and our strong, lightweight flexible packaging survives the abuse from processing facilities and distribution centers all the way to store shelves.

Our team of engineers will build your ideal package with the following requirements in mind:

  • Product fill weights
  • Barrier protection needed (grease, gas, odor, moisture)
  • Target run speeds (efficiency)
  • Cost parameters
  • Stiffness requirements - (stand-up pouches)
  • Seal through contamination needs (grease, crumbs)
  • Handling and storage concerns (abrasion, scuffing)


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