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Forming Film & Non-Forming Film

Kendall’s team of engineers will meet your flexible packaging performance requirements by offering a total package solution or a fine-tuned top web from a range of forming film and non-forming film options.

Forming Film

Our forming films are designed for applications that require the following:

  • Shallow or deep draw depths
  • Soft or hard products
  • Hot fill or cold product environments

Each of our forming films offer excellent formability, toughness, resistance to abrasion, and compatibility to a variety of top films.

Non-Forming Film

Generally comprised of a variety of materials, each non-forming film is engineered to perform flawlessly within your operating window. Non-forming films can be designed with desired barrier properties, strength, gloss, clarity, and seal performance in mind.

Kendall Packaging can offer your product the following features:

  • Peel seal characteristics or lock seals
  • Moisture and gas barrier properties
  • Strength, stiffness or flexibility
  • Ability to seal through contamination
  • Heat resistant outer layers for improved processability