Roll Stock Films

Roll Stock FilmsKendall Packaging has developed roll stock materials that utilize the latest technology and polymer innovation to improve processing and provide you with a package that best showcases your product. Laminates continue to get thinner, tougher and more visually appealing. High impact graphics, metallization, gloss and special coatings offer unique branding potential. Superior performance properties on your equipment and overall package integrity set Kendall's laminates apart from the competition.

Kendall's roll stock product line encompasses a complete range of materials for VFFS, HFFS, thermoformed and pouch applications. Our dynamic sealing technology delivers additional benefits such as the ability to seal through contaminates, a wide heat seal window, low seal initiation temperatures and exceptional hot tack properties. Our desire is to improve efficiencies in your facility, minimize waste and extend the shelf life of your product, all of which increases our value to you as your packaging partner.

Rollstock for retail and food service packaging design can also incorporate easy open features such as straight tear or peelable seal options. These enhancements can saving consumers time and frustration trying to open difficult packages.