High Performance Barrier Films

Barrier films have revolutionized the packaging of foods and other perishable products. The primary concern for many products is keeping them protected from light, moisture, and oxygen degradation. These variables can negatively impact flavor and freshness.

Coffee, pet treats, and some personal care items affected by light can choose from materials that contain aluminum or metalized structures along with a polyethylene based sealant layer for hermetic seals. In some cases, inks and coatings can also provide adequate UV barrier when foil or metalized structures are not an option.

Our extensive barrier product line contains materials with superior vapor and gas barrier that are ideal for cheese, meats, snacks, personal care items, and many more products.

Each custom made structure is designed with the following considerations in mind:

  • Package fill weight
  • Type and condition of filling equipment
  • Target processing/filling speeds
  • Shelf life requirements
  • Aesthetic desires
  • Storage and distribution
  • Cost parameters