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Cheese Packaging

For decades, Kendall has offered converted films for the packaging of processed and natural cheeses. Dependable cost-effective solutions and innovative high-barrier structures guarantee well-rounded products for all types of cheese packaging.

Our packaging materials are engineered to protect your product, extend the shelf life, and improve visual appeal. Easy open and re-sealable features are also available.


Our Cheese Packaging Capabilities


IWS & Printed Single-Ply Overwraps

  • One and two side sealable laminations
  • Wide heat seal for five pound institutional slices
  • 5-lb. case sliced overwrap
  • Naked slice overwrap — clear and striped metalized

Hot Fill Processed Cheese

  • Heat resistant, barrier coextrusions with cheese release sealant technology
  • Loaf, spread, and cream cheese

Shredded Cheese Packaging

  • Barrier laminations for retail shred
  • High clarity coextrusion with added stiffness for retail and bulk shred
  • Nylon skin, high barrier coextrusion for bulk shred
  • Split nylon coextrusion for bulk shredded

Novelty Cheese

  • Nylon skin coextrusion for forming, non-forming string cheese packages and snack sticks

Natural Cheese

  • Vertical and horizontal retail-shredded film
  • Vertical 5- and 10-lb. institutional shredded film
  • Standard chunk cheese film
  • Swiss chunk cheese film
  • Forming, non-forming cheese film